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Science StationA challenge for myself was accommodating my instruction and materials used in teaching for a congenitally blind girl in my mentor teacher's Reading, Social Studies, and Science classes. One of the most active learners in the classroom, she was a huge blessing in the classroom as I found myself constantly reminded that disabilities or no, almost every student will require lessons and materials tailored slightly to their own needs. Many of the tactile instructional materials we used for her were beneficial to other students as well, and with the help of Kalamazoo-RESA, a regional education service agency, we were never short on ideas for instruction. I had a unique experience to work not only with a student who regularly surpasses several of her classmates in academics, but also to develop a professional working relationship with other educators and educational specialists.

Below are examples of materials that were adapted to fit the student's needs. Many visual demonstrations were accompanied with smaller models for her to physically touch and operate along with me. Others were often described to her in great detail, and all materials were always available for her to touch and "explore." Assignments to be turned in were given to us in print form as well as embossed for her in Braille form.

For an informal assessment in science I had the students create crossword puzzles from the chapter vocabulary. With the help of an aide that comes in every morning to braille materials, we created this "Braille Crossword Puzzle" for the student's use.

Braille Crossword Puzzle

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Landform Map

The United States map above was done at the end of a unit about basic Geography and U.S. Regions.
The students combined their knowledge of U.S. Geographical Regions and landforms
to create this 3-D map.

Textured Map

Working with me as a guide, the student was able to cut out and fashion many of the basic landforms found in the U.S. including mountains, rivers, plateaus, and deserts.

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